Monday, November 12, 2012

Americans and my New Class

I had a class that started on Nov 3rd and we had a total of 39 students in this class.  I have been doing my part and requiting Americans aggressively for training.  I wanted to train the unemployed Americans that I hear about all the time, so I aggressively went to colleges and recruited new graduates and their friends that were American Citizens.

It is now in the 2nd week and I have lost 19 students so far, all American Citizens.  I was offering $100,000 salaries by second year, and I still lost 19 students.  I could have changed their lives completely and I told everyone that software programming is always a struggle the first month but after 30 days it will become much easier.  I had people drop out saying that they cannot relocate, I had people drop out saying that they did not understand software, I had people drop out saying that the classes were too long, I had people drop out for so many different reasons.

What I see is the inability to work hard.  What is I see is the inability to sacrifice in the short term for the long term gain.  What I see if America getting soft and lazy.

I have get a lot of Chinese and Indian students that are overseas citizens and almost 99% of them are able to complete my course and get jobs within 4 months.  They work so hard and tirelessly.  They are usually here first in my office and are here long after I leave to go home.

So if you are unemployed in USA and are an American Citizen, why not learn computer programming, there is so much demand for people with those skills.  Why not work 18 hours a day for 90-120 days studying and learning so that the rest of your life will be set and you will have a high paying job.

My last class has been a real eye opener as far as Americans and why we have so many unemployed Americans.  I think the truly hard working are working and the current unemployed are those that are unwilling to work hard and make sacrifices, or simply unwilling to learn real marketable skills.

I am so disappointed that we had so many dropouts.  I wanted to really make an effort to help my fellow Americans.  I will be spending almost $50,000 of my own money on this class and I was doing that to make a difference in people lives and guide them to opportunities that would have never been open to them.