Thursday, November 24, 2011

Success in November

This year November has been one of the best months for placements for us.  October was actually kind of slow, but November has been spectacular and based on the number of interviews I have setup in the upcoming weeks, I think that December will be great like it was last year.

In my current batch of students I have noticed a few things.

Kids that are successful do the below:

1) Even when my kids were not getting interview calls, they kept on studying in our classrooms
2) They would watch our class videos over and over again and practice on the server
3) They would be on the Developer Network constantly reading others peoples issues and the solutions that are posted.
4) They will keep interacting with the teacher and pose lots of questions and keep learning.  The really talented students will even give topics that want taught and the teachers always accommodate them.
5) They keep a positive attitude

I know these things are simple and seem almost quaint, but all the above make a big difference when we are marketing our students.  If you are one of my students and you have not gotten a job yet, you follow the principles by the successful students and you too will be placed soon.