Friday, April 1, 2011

More Unemployed Americans

Recently I had gotten 2 Chinese Americans who were unemployed.  One had no skills at all and the other had solid skills, but very little confidence.

A lot of times I feel like in addition to our technical training we need to spend a lot of time instilling confidence in our employees.  Now that they have in-demand skills and have been working for a few months, they are very confident.

You guys wonder why I am talking about this.  I talk about this because I am one of the only companies, that I know about, that takes Americans and trains them and places them.  I actively recruit Americans.  The more hopeless they feel and the more desperate they are, the more I enjoy the challenge of training them and placing them in a project.  Each one of my successes leads to another person off the unemployment line and into a career. 

In my current SD class I have 2 more American citizens that I have taken the challenge of training and placing.  If they work hard for 3 months we will be successful together.

I talk about this, because I am very proud of our achievements.  I am American and I am happy that I can help my fellow Americans.