Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vacation is Finally Over!

I guess I lied about my previous vacation.  I really did not end my vacation until yesterday.

So I am back to work full-time and I will be starting our training classes again.  I know I have been terrible with answering emails and phone calls recently, I am sorry about that.  I was really burned out after working so hard for so many years and it was actually nice to take a few months off.

The first class we are starting in our famous Embedded Systems Training on Oct 17th.

Our old teacher had been with us for over 7 years and he has moved on and is starting his own company and will be a competitor to us.  But that is OK, he was a good guy and by the end when he wanted to start his own company he kept getting more and more unresponsive to my students and I did not like that.

Our new teacher is really a team.  One teacher will be teaching Embedded Domain knowledge for around 32-40 hours and another teacher will be taking C and C++ for another 18-24 hours.  They are charging me way more than I am used to paying but ultimately the price is worth it if my students can get excellent training which will help them get a job.

But I do insist on my teachers being outstanding and being available to my students.  So each teacher has to give me a commitment to my students that they will be there until placed. Money should not be a primary reason why you teach, if you are then VXL is not the place for you.

I want teachers that LOVE to teach.  I know it is hard to find those teacher, but once I find them I do whatever it takes to keep them with us.

There is no doubt that my classes are expensive, but that will usually translate into extremely high quality compared to the competition.  From my facilities to my faculty, when you come to VXL Training, you can expect the best.