Monday, October 5, 2015

Cousins Kids

I have a cousin from Guntur and he had two kids finish their masters in USA and then eventually got trained in JAVA from someone in NJ and they are both working as JAVA developers.

They were complaining that they only make $5000/month and that their friends make a lot more money.

I have some advice for those kids.

1) Do you enjoy what you do?  Yes, then continue what you are doing and you will do fine in the long run.  Comparing yourself to others who make money than you will be a losing game.  There will always be niche technologies that pay more for work than what you do.  But both you know JAVA and can easily transition into PEGA, Guidewire, Oracle ATG or any number of new niche technologies that have high pay rates.  You will need to identify what it is you want to learn and join a company that can get into these niche technology space.

2) Stop worrying about money.  I have seen way too many people worry only about money and make that their life's ambition and realize at the end that they made a mistake.  I would much rather someone like my daughter enjoy what she does everyday then to strive after money so that you can buy a bigger house or get the newest purse or whatever it is girls lust after.  You may not understand, but at least learn from my mistakes.  So trust me, I wanted a Mercedes S-Class and I got it and I could care less about it now.  It is just a car and nothing more.  I wanted a Rolex, I could careless about it and I gave it away to my dad.  Typically your story will be the same, you want this and that and as soon as you get it, you will not care much about it.  This is same reason I hate those shows life Wifes of Beverly Hills and other shows like that.  They teach consumerism and really you should avoid that at all costs.

3) Be a good person.  Over and above anything anything else, strive to be a good person.  Be a loving wife, be a good parent, be a good child, be a good neighbor.  Strive to make yourself a better person.  Sometimes you may fail, but dust yourself off and keep trying.  There is nothing more important that trying to keep improving yourself.  Use your free time to help others, there is so much satisfaction in simeple acts like this.   

 4) If you really want to make money and there are a lot of people out there, stop worrying about salary money and try and come up with a business idea.  You do not need to reinvent the wheel, see other successful people and simply follow their example.  I know one of the girls has a Green Card already and I can guarantee you that a business will generate much more money than any job than hope to pay you.   But starting a business take an immense amount of time and you should be prepared to sacrifice your time to make your business a success.  When I first started I worked Mon-Sun and at least 12 hours a day for years.  I did not take a single day off.

Anyway, this is really off topics from my usual blog entries for the company, but I was thinking about this and what to tell them when they call me, so I wanted to articulate my thoughts in an entry.  They are supposed to me calling me sometime soon for advice and I guess this is some of what I will be tell them.

I felt like I have been successful because I have been able to help so many people in my life and never because I made a certain amount of money.  I know you young kids will listen and then disregard everything I say, but I will keep spreading my message. 

Finally a few saying that you can live by:

Do not work for money, if you do you become a slave to money. 

Let money work for you. (Do not let money sit idle in a bank, invest it somewhere)