Saturday, July 6, 2013

SAP Market

In my view the SAP market is dead.  As you noticed, I have stopped teaching SAP since January. 

There a few modules in SAP that are doing OK and here they are.  If you are in training and not doing one of these, you are wasting your time.

SAP BO with BW
Virtex or Sabrix
SAP CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)

SAP MRS - Multi Resource Scheduling
SAP EH&S - Environment Health & Safety

I am sure that there are other niche areas in SAP that are doing well that I am unaware of, but from my knowledge, the above few SAP modules are doing well.

There is simply no way to get a job in SAP anymore with just the base modules.  There are too many consultants with real-time experience.  Bill rates have also fallen to $50.  Sure there a few positions with $100 bill rate, but I think going forward those rates will be to get every again.

I remember days when we used to bill $250/hr for a SAP consultant.

This is just a reminder that in IT you have to be nimble and keep learning.