Wednesday, April 3, 2013

401K Plan

We have started a 401K plan for our employees.  I have made the mistake of not saving money for retirement in life when I was younger and I want to make sure that my employees start early and save as much as they can for retirement.

Our plan is very simple.  You can save up to: $17,500 per year tax free and the company will match a total of 3.5% in additional to what you save.

So if you make $100,000, we will contribute $3,500 into the retirement plan, in addition to what you put in.  This is pretty much free money for you and I hope that each of you take advantage of the 401K plan that we have.

The 3.5% matching that I am putting in, is the maximum that I am allowed by law.   I am doing this with the hope that our employees will want to participate in the 401K plan and take advantage of this great new benefit.