Monday, February 4, 2013

Salary of $56,000

Today I just got a call from a consultant that is working in Dallas TX.

I pay all new consultants $56,000 salary for the first year, and then usually after the first year most consultants receive a huge salary increase of somewhere near $100,000, depending on which project they are working on.

So anyway I get this call saying that he cannot live on that salary in Dallas and can I give him a salary increase.

He tells me the Obama tax hike has taken a big chuck each month and by the third weak of the month he is usually broke and does not even have enough money for food.  He said all his credit cards are full and he has been borrowing to make ends meet.

I checked what the median salary was and it was $56,000 per year for a family of 4 and here was my consultant telling me that he was broke by the third weak of the month, and he is single.

This is the same person that came to me with no skill set.  This is the same person whom I have spent crazy amounts of money developing into a valuable asset to the company, community and his family.

To me words like Honor, Commitment, Sacrifice are not just words, they have real meaning for me. 

When you make a commitment to someone for one year, then you honor that commitment.  If that commitment requires some sacrifice, then you do that.

This same kid in 4-5 months will get a salary increase close to $100,000, and they will likely make more money then even their parents at that point.

I have a meeting with him tonight about expenses and what it costs to live in Dallas.  I will let you know how it goes.

I told them that when I was in the area we used to live on $48,000 a year, comfortably, and that was my ex-wife and I.  We had 2 cars and a nice apartment and still survived on $4000 a month easily. He asked me how long ago that was, and I told them it was about 6 years ago and he said, back then everything was cheaper.