Sunday, February 3, 2013

DC Office Up and Running

Our first class is up and running in Wash DC.  This is the first time that we are teaching this technology.

I offered this class for free in Wash DC, since we are still new to the market.  The next session that will start on March 30th will be $2500.  As usual it will be free to Masters Graduates, but for all others I will be charging $2500.

The bill rates for this niche technology are hovering around $100-$120 per hour plus expenses.  I am hoping my students will work hard and we can place them within 120 days from the start of training.

I do not care about all these NJ companies that train in 30 days and push people out the door with very little knowledge.  I will continue to take my time and train my students completely and only allow them to apply for jobs when I am satisfied that they can do justice on their first job and will deliver what the client asks of them.