Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wash DC - Everything is Slow

I would have guessed that being in Wash DC everything would done quickly, but it is the exact opposite.  Everything takes so much time here.

After weeks, I finally go the new office space for the Wash DC office.

We are now located at:

7635 Leesburg Pike
Ste 100
Falls Church VA 22043

We are about 2 building away from Stratford University in Falls Church, VA.

Today we are going to go and buy office furniture so that we can start operations from next week at least. 

I feel bad for my students, I have a big group that want to come for our new classes, but due to the delays, I have had to postpone our first set of classes twice already.

I am hoping to start on the 19th, if I can get the guest houses settled over the next week.