Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DC Office - Almost Ready

For our DC office we are finally almost finished with our setup.  Since VXL Training has been open in Detroit for so long, I forgot how many things you need for a new office.  In Detroit we acquired everything over 5-7 years, but in DC we had to buy everything all at once.

I got the new Student Desks for the training room.  Here they are:

I ordered 30 new chairs for the classroom:

(Now I just have to put them together)


I ordered new furniture for the rest of the office and I am still waiting for the delivery of that furniture.

Today the HD Projector should be coming in as well as the 4' x 8' Whiteboard.  Now I just need to find someone that can install both of them.

We will keep working hard to get the office ready.  We have postponed  the start of the first session of classes to Feb 2nd to give us a chance to have everything perfect for our students.