Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why Wash DC?

Somebody was asking me why we are opening our second office in Wash DC?

The answer is that I grew up in Wash DC metro area.  I went to Mantua Elementary in Fairfax VA, then I went to Bryant Middle School and finally to Groveton High School (Now it is called West Potomac High School).  All the schools are in Northern VA.  I even went to college at George Mason University in Fairfax VA.  My family was one of the first 100 families in Wash DC area.  I remember a time when I was very young if my mom saw another Indian family she would stop, talk to them, get to know them and invite them over to the house.  Initially in Wash DC it used to be the Indian Association and Indians from all over India used to come, then as more Indians came to the area, it became the South Indian Association and then Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society.  I am not sure what the Telugu association is called now in the DC Metro area, but I guess I will find out soon.

Anyway, the real reason I am opening our second office in Wash DC, is that I am having a baby in April 2013 and I want to raise my kid in the Wash DC area where all my relatives live.  I believe a kid being raised in the Wash DC area has considerable advantages in opportunities and I really want my kid being raised near all his relatives so he/she has a support network.

So the Wash DC market gets the opportunity to experience the Best IT Training company in USA.  VXL Training will be opening its new office in Falls Church VA.

The Wash DC market will see a blitz of advertising over the coming 1 year, so that I can introduce you to VXL Training and what we do.

I have been looking around the Wash DC market and I do not see very many IT Training and Placement companies and my guess is that the high prices have driven the companies to other locations, so Wash DC Metro area, if you are unemployed or under employed, then you need to come and see me.  Most of my employees make close to $100,000 by second year, so if you do not see yourself making that type of money soon, then come and see me and I will help you get a career and not just a job.