Friday, December 14, 2012

New Manager and Contact Info

We have gotten a new manager for the Farmington Hills office, his name is Vamsi and he is an Oracle Apps expert.  He is a terrific individual and cares a lot about my kids just like I do and based on his passion for the work, we went ahead and hired him.

We have never been a very big into Oracle training, but my guess is that we will start getting into Oracle based on the experience of Vamsi.

He will be taking over right away and you will start seeming him around the Farmington Hills MI office.  Since he is new, please introduce yourself so that he gets to know all of you.

You can reach him at:

I will also be available by email and phone, so nobody should feel like I am suddenly leaving.  I am just going to be running our new Falls Church VA office.  I will be available almost 24 hours a day, like I usually am.

You can still reach me at:

Vijay Madala

I will be coming back to our Farmington Hills office for 1 week out of every month, so you will still see me, just a little less than usual.